Sunday, 2 September 2007

Getting there! I think.

Another day another canvass, but is it enough? The deadline is approaching and I am still off-plan. Well it is creative art. But I have finished another and must look on the bright side, here it is entitled "Mountains" :-

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It is so very difficult to photograph the gold and silver paint which I have used for the outlines. I have tried daylight, flash, close-up and moving away but a good compromise is eluding me. maybe I should play with the settings on my camera, but that's another issue and could lead to yet more procrastination.
Talking of other issues.................. here is another ATC, which I allowed myself to complete after I had finished this canvass. A sort of sweetener, you might say, to get some more work done.

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Well that's it, back to the grindstone - will hopefully have a couple more canvasses to show tomorrow. And this time that's not a promise - it doesn't work. Cheers!

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antikva said...

Hi, Unlurking, Delurking? to say try direct sunlight [little to no cloud or shadows] to take pics of gold or silver gilding or paint. Should be lit from the top, so it's easier to lay flat on ground if you can't sit them vertically on an easel or similiar. If that's not possible try inside with a daylight globe lighting from directly above and try a neutral gray background.
I think the only other method you could try is diffusing the flash or manipulating the image in photoshop or something.

Hope this helps :-)