Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Nearly there!

Last night I completed another two canvasses. I now have eleven in four sets. All quite small, from 8X8 to 10X12 inches and gallery-wrapped. just need cords adding now but that can be done at my leisure (warning - dangerous attitude!). Tonight I have to deliver them to my art group and I have all day to complete the last group of 2. These are 12X24 inches so will take a little more time but I am sure that I will not now be asking for more time. I'm glad I started to post the works as they were finished on here because it has kept me focused. Again I know exactly what I need to do to complete them, I know the colours and compositions so it is just a matter of slapping on the paint (?)

Here are the latest two, titled "Free" (and the pun is intended, good eh!) and "Double-Cross". Both working titles, and will probably change before tonight's submission meeting.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I will be putting up an exhibition page on my on-line gallery, so that the paintings may be seen in their proper grouping and all together, without any inane chattering. I will put up a post on this blog when that is ready, can't promise when that will be.

The last two await - the first is a background of red/blue - by the way I am painting these backgrounds using a brush which has been loaded with both colours. I have found that by mixing the colours in ths way I get a much more varied series of intermediate colours; from splashes of the original to numerous tints/shades. The background pattern will be across the short dimension and the lines (two narrow and one wider) will be parallel to the long edges and will be in copper and gold.

The second is in red and black with silver lines which will be broken into random lengths.


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