Sunday, 21 October 2007


Just found this blog post on the question of wether something is art or craft.

Queen mum explains this very well. there appears to be a difference but it is one that is arbitrarily applied by ourselves. Once you look deeper then there is really no difference at all.

Perhaps the question should be, " Is this original in its thinking and application, or just an applied technique". Wether we paint or craft this seems very relevant, does the work show originality.

"Craft" is often seen as something you make to an instuction sheet. I.e. You can make the same item again and again. But as I said in my last post, artists are keen on making money by selling prints and this is still seen as art (???) Conversely my own crafting of ATC cards uses items which I have aquired by various means, but it is the way that I use these and the thought that goes into the design which makes them what they are. After all very few painters make their own paints and canvass.


Naj said...

A question that I have often thought about in regard to my Canal Folk art. There I am working within the confines of a traditional folk art, so applying techniques and subject matter that are not truly original.

I consider myself a Canal Artist and not a crafter, because I freely apply my own designs/layouts & I have a personal style that is evident. If I were working to a pattern book and following instructions, I might consider myself more of a crafter!

Omer Golan said...

I always believed that once Art become of use it loses it artistic quality. Craftsmanship is important and fun and all the romanticists wants to back to preindustrial era when all our cloth furniture and jewelry were unique and hand made. Art must have an additional value other then being aesthetic like in crafts and give the viewer something to reflect upon. Today especially, the artist has to make statements in his work in order to get people involved.
just my opinion, I hope I expressed it well. Sorry for my English, it's a second language only..

Omer -