Tuesday, 16 October 2007

ATC's with a twist

What a title? couldn't think of anything better so I have borrowed this from.....???.. will add the link asap when I have found it again!!!!

ATC's that fold / open / or something similar are the next step to my getting to grips with these little critturs, perhaps when I have had my fill I might be able to put them down and get on with my life as a painter.

First of all, I bring you two more examples of recent cards:-

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There I Go - from the title of the music folio print

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Million Dollar Baby - using another print of a sheet music folio cover

The next card is one of the so-called waterfall cards ( no water and no falling) but the pictures are presented one by one when the tag is pulled, a great novelty effect.

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Beauty (can you think of a better title?)

The last one I present here is a simple card with opening doors (rather than a more straightforward fold) which is unfinished. I had had a bit of a cold which caused me to lose a little sleep the day before I did this and I actually made it late at night......... You can see in the picture where I cut off the edge of the front of the card (LHS of the front) instead of the print which I had just matted it to. We all make mistakes!!! I stuck the cut-off scrap back on to the backing and decided not to finish it, I will start again and try to do it properly. But at least I got to see what it would look like.

the first picture is of it open
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and the second shows the doors closed
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Another mistake was the mismatch in the height of the handles (brads), Must remember to leave watching TV to when I am not making things.

This is one of a number of ATC's which I have found on the web, which are more images on a simple piece of card. I will find the damn link and edit this post soon, to include it. More of these cards with a twist to come soon.

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