Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Nearly forgot! Had the first group meeting tonight since the exhibition and started the long road to next years event.

We have considered many new ideas and I will, as promised post them here as I have something concrete to report.

As a group of "leisure artists" we know that selling is always going to be difficult but we would be happy to simply see more people step thro' the doors. Our main concerns are to advertise and make the group known locally so that we can attract potential members. As a small group we often do not have sufficient fund for special events/evenings. Secondly, we feel that perhaps just to put on a show to which we can invite friends and relatives and get a real feeling of satisfaction - a job well done - is an end in itself. Sales would be nice but none of us see that as a primary purpose of the event.

We spent lots of time discussing marketing, but felt that the venue may have been wrong. We will be looking at a venue in the centre of the large shopping centre nearby (SOLIHULL) where we might gain from passing trade, as it were. The local aspects will be taken care of with smaller shows at the local library and at local fetes (or even craft fairs, for those members who would like an opportunity to sell their work). These smaller events could also be used to market the main show. More of this later.

The other topic was wether to change our name. we have been the KNOWLE ART GROUP since our formation about 15 years ago. It has been suggested that we change our name to KNOWLE ARTISTS. It may not be relevant to the above problem but we all felt it had a nice ring and was a little more upmarket. Many potential members expect to see a teacher/leader in the group and we are very much a co-operative. We do hold workshops and seminars but one of the group will volunteer to lead the event and everybody benefits especially the leader. We think the name change reflects the way the group works.

So, the problem remains but we have at least made one decision which we hope will turn us around. I will try to regularly update you with our deliberations over the next few months.

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