Sunday, 21 October 2007

ATC collages and papercraft

I think one of the real addictive issues about these cards is the making of new friends (on the net), and one (whhooo!) becomes used to mail from these new friends landing on the doormat as the postman passes. It is the swapping of the cards which is the truly addictive part - not the making of them.

Having decided this, I feel much better about the addiction than I did. After all there is nothing wrong with making friends. And the swapping of the physical cards is far more interesting than simply swapping blog posts on the web. (Please do not feel offended by this remark, as no offense is intended).

Of course my theory falls down, when I remember that I started this addiction by painting and selling ACEO's on ebay, but was this simply to make money - if so then it is not a well founded premise as anyone selling these on ebay will testify. But I did get sort-of tired of painting them and very readily turned to collage and swapping.

Here is my latest batch:- the first is another waterfall card - a simple almost monchrome card pandering to the ladies who love cats. This is called, "Feline"

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The next was knocked off very quickly and was done for a particular purpose, which it suited quite well. I do not ask anymore, " Is it art?" I know what it is and what that purpose is! The title is "Hearts".

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The next two were more in my developing style ( according to some) and both were swapped within minutes of my posting them in my gallery on the Do-Craft site where I do most of my swapping. In fact one of them, "Remember" was requested twice and I am having to do a similar card for the second swap. Again, art is bought into question - but my contention is that making a similar version is no worse, probably a lot better than providing prints.

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Titled, "Remember"

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Titled, "Dream"
So, I have decide that it is OK to be addicted to swapping ATC cards. Now I must work on making more time for some "proper art". I will let you know how it is going next time.
By the way, I forgot to mention that my exhibition canvasses will be going on to Ebay over the next few weeks if you are at all tempted. They are priced quite inexpensively, which is another topic of discussion which I will put off for another day.

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