Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Kick off your shoes and dance

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take off your shoes and dance; the title of my latst entry for the MAMMA challenge on MAggies Monday Musings (by Margaret Field) and the theme for this week is ANGELS. there have been some great interpretations of the theme and this is becoming a feature of this great new challenge/swap. Why not take a look.
This is another of those creations which just did not appear to work at first. I collaged the background from some downloaded photos of fancy threads, used a pair of transparent wings (printed on acetate) and finally found a use for the picture of this dancer (Margaret suggests she is a Dark Angel?) which I had taken from a magazine. And just in case you are wondering I believe it was one of the Sunday supplements! I didn't really think a great deal of it at this stage but I had a set of stick-on embellishments containing the red shoes and bingo they jumped out at me from a hiding place under my work table. Once I had decided to use them the title wrote itself (in a manner of speaking..... can anyone remember the song whose lyrics it appears in?).

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