Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Relaxing weekend in the Cotswolds

Just back from a wonderful weekend in Bourton-on-the-water. We went for the Victorian Christmas evening and so did several thousand other revellers. But it all went well. At 5.45pm the local schools jazz band struck up and entertained the crowd until the christmas tree lights were turned on in a loudly applauded ceremony.

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Dont ask me why it is standing in the river, it seems that it is traditional. the River Windrush runs thru' the village and seems to be an important element in the village life. In the Victoria Hall, there is even a painting of a football match in the river. Seems a light-hearted tradition as the referee seems to wear womens clothes and wields an umbrella.

wrapped up warm for the evening's frolics
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On the evening as you might expaect it was bitterly cold but the crowd seemed to be enjoying the proceedings, just a few sideshows (I missed punch and judy!) and market stalls but the local shops were open until 9.00pm. I have been to Bourton many times but never had so much difficulty getting into the reatail premises. Having to queue to do a little browsing, is a bit much. We also had a little difficulty finding somewhere to eat. We just managed to stike lucky in a pub near to our hotel.

our hotel at night
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and on the next morning
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The village looked even prettier than usual with all the christmas lights but the mornings were frosty and despite the brilliant sunshine good warm wrapping was a real necessity. The place looked quite empty in this shot, but I had gone out quite early to take a few photos before the frost melted away. I was glad of the warming breakfast after this expedition. Never think about the cholesterol on these weekend treats; I have the works. Bacon, sausages, egg, black puddin', beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. If they serve it, I will eat it.

Talking about eating, here is a shot of us with our friends after they had cleared the plates off the table after lunch on our first day. Still sober!! I was pulling a face because I had set up the camera to take a timed photo and was trying to duck down to make sure that I got my head in the picture.

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Took lots of pictures, now you don't have to pay for films and processing I am like a mad thing with the camera. But will only show one more. On the day after the night before (so to speak) there were a few events going on, like the local equine centre's fancy dress parade. Here they even dress the poor pony.

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I have erased the faces to protect the identities of the innocent parties, All in all a fantastic weekend especially since the day before most of the country seemed to be in danger of being covered in deep snow falls.
Well now that I am back it's back to the grindstone to make more crafty art.


Mam said...

John, it looks like a beautiful spot to visit. Your wife looks so sweet. You can't make me believe she dragged you up there, kicking and screaming. :)

Chatty said...

Look like you had a great time. Your pictures are amazing. What a lovely time you had. I can't imagine though dressing a pony, how funny...


Well you know how much i looove Bourton, and i'm jealous to bits.
DON'T envy you the "Christmas market" thing, i went once to one at Lincoln, NEVER NEVER EVER AGAIN.

Sherry said...

Great pictures John - looks like you had a lovely (albeit chilly) time. I love the look of the Christmas tree.

Jan said...

LOVE the Cotswolds! It looks so beautiful this time of year and add to that the Victorian theme and you have an idyllic setting. Lovely photos John - glad you had a good time

Kenning Stone said...

John, beautiful cards you've been making lately, love the Holly and Ivy, and the puzzle pieces.
Stopped in to say thanks for 'following' my story time. I hope you half-way enjoy it. Wouldn't mind some serious criticism.

lusia said...
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Pixie said...

I love this village. we were there this past summer for a day and it was truly charming...I hated the crowds though. Glad you had a good time!