Sunday, 30 August 2009

a view of my digital art

Just a very quick post today. I am still having trouble with things mechanical. This time it is my car ( auto, for my friends from across the pond). The battery is being drained by some intermittent fault and I keep finding it flat in the morning. Booked into a garage on Tuesday ( first day after our bank holiday weekend break) but what is the betting that everything works and behaves itself whilst they have the vehicle. And I am hoping to use it for a "staycation" in a couple of weeks. A holiday in the UK? I wish I hadn't bothered with the weather we have been having. Never believe long range weather forecasts, it's a mugs game. Still MOH and I are having a very expensive week in Lanzarote in October ( its cooler then!) for our 40th wedding anniversary, can't wait.

Now on to the subject of the post. A new friend from PDA has just posted one of my You Tube videos on her blog, I feel honoured to have been so chosen, thanks Veronica.

You can see all of my videos here if you haven't seen them yet, a very mixed bunch; an eclectic collection; art, music, frogs and Thomas the tank engine. Most of them are accompanied by my own music created from samples.

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