Saturday, 15 August 2009

back in circulation

Hi friends, I have had enormous probs with my PC- or so I thought. I have been trying to sort out my internet connection for some time and had to admit defeat, weel quite quickly admitted defeat actually. My usual means of sorting out a problem with the PC is to involve my son. However this time he has had to rebuild his bathroom whilst the kids ( step children) were on holiday with their dad. Obviously he had a very tight schedule so that he would be completed befroe their return.

When he had finished and we could arrange a visit to our house, he spent about two minutes sorting it out. I still don't know what he did and I am not sure that he knows but clicking on the right icons ( having the experience?) and playing with a few drop-down menus seems to have done the trick. Did I feel an idiot?

all that cold turkey for such a simple ( although) undiscovered cause. Will be back in action asap once i have ploughed thru my emails, etc.

Oh, and I have been making art whilst off-line. Something completely different for me. All will be revealed in due course. Hope to see you soon.


Sherry said...

Hello John, lovely to see you back again. How did we ever manage without computers - we are at such a loss when anything goes wrong! Thanks goodness for your son eh!

Genie said...

Welcome back John . Look forward to seeing work.