Saturday, 13 February 2010

Free collage sheets, ATC backgrounds

After I had finished the "mermaids garden" assemblage, I had a little acrylic paint left over on my palette ( well the paper I had used, LOL). I decided to take a few pre-cut ATC cards and do some backgrounds. I have used this method in the past and found them very useful. The technique is simply to drop a little of the paint ( two or three colours) at the top of the card/paper and drag the paint down with a palette knife / credit card ( expired of course) to make an interesting pattern. I used blue / green / white here. I made several cards before the paint was all used up. I decided to scan these and create a collage sheet for future use. But not before I had already used two of the cards for ATC's. Still here is the sheet:-

Free ATC backgrounds - sheet b

It is not the same using the printed photo as using the original but that's what collage is all about, n'est pa? You can see the original, full size sheet on my Flickr photostream, They are absolutely free to use for any personal art but please do not use the sheet as it is.

So far so good. But since I have been playing with digital manipulation, I thought I would add a few different colours. Now this is something I can't do by simple collage without painting more cards. So here goes.... a couple more sheets with digitally altered colours / etc.

Free ATC backgrounds - sheet b4

check out the full size version here

and secondly:-

free to use ATC background - sheetb5

the full size version can be found here

As I said above, you are free to use the collage sheets / backgrounds for your personal art projects wether foe sale or otherwise BUT not to use the images themselves for sale as-is or in any collection, wether for sale or not. I would be pleased to hear from you if you do use any of these images and of course it is only good manners to give credit to the source. Thanks and happy creating. The two examples I mentioned above are shown here:-

D for Damsel in distress

title:- D = Damsel in distress

E is for Eyes; and for Each other

title:- E = eyes and Each other


kim aka imagesbykim said...

John I never saw these before today, these are fabulous colors!
I just went and downloaded these for myself LOL
Thank-you for sharing


Artyfax said...

You are very welcome, glad that you liked them.