Tuesday, 14 August 2007

more collage....

Well whilst I was at the keyboard I thought that I may as well share this one with you. It is called 'Two Little Boys' an ATC on the theme of friendship (remember the Rolf Harris song), I did this one for a swop for a papercrafting group on ebay. The images have been mounted on to an old ACEO w/c painting.

here it is:-

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Don't quite know what the cat has to offer, but everyone seems to keep saying they are popular; and anyway it carried on the dark slightly offset perpendicular line. The roses were just to cover up a big bush! I had to paint the boys shirts to make them a little more visible.
Sorry for the haze, I had varnished the surface and it seems to have mucked up the flash - or did I just breathe in too soon?
more collages to come in my next post, see you soon

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