Sunday, 12 August 2007

Nothing to do with art

Hi, I have just returned from a short break on Dartmoor, and having got absolutely no art work done recently, I thought that I would regale you with a video that I have just posted on YouTube as a comment on another video that I had promised to do. It is called "Our Pond - Our Frogs" ; 5 minutes of excruciating boredom............... unless that is you happen to like frogs. In any case, please take a look and comment - politely if at all possible.

I am so busy with other holiday plans at present and I have a number of canvasses to prepare for an exhibition which is coming up in late September. So I am in a quandry about wether to blog about nothing or wait until there is something substantial to post. I will try to show some of my exhibition paintings over the next few weeks. They are mostly planned out and sketched - I have just got to get my finger out and stop procrastinating. Always was my biggest single fault

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