Monday, 23 July 2007

Hurrah, new paintings at last

Hi, had some spare time this afternoon and started surfing - checked my last post and it said I had to get back to some painting.......... well decided to get out my pastels as I find it easy to play around with these. Don't know why but I always find that I need to be so much more serious with my watercolours. they need a lot of thinking about before I start anything as a rule. Pastels are for me a much more relaxing medium.

Well, as I said in my last post it has been a little time since I did any real painting/drawing and although I don't often do flowers a couple of photos caught my eye from my reference pile. Pastels are also so much more about colour for me so I set about a couple of sketches with a vengeance. I think I spent about an hour altogether on the second two, which probably included setting up and pithering around before I actually started. I quite liked the results, but decided not to carry on and work them up into a finished painting; yet.

The first sketch was also about colour more than any other aspect of the image. Again it was a very quick sketch and haven't made my mind up on this one yet.

At least I have broke the run of collaged aceo's. All the above were roughly A4 in size. The first two were on Daler-Rowney black, Raven paper pad.

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I have decided that the work I shall be doing for an upcoming exhibition with my local group is going to be a set of abstracts, acrylic on canvas. Again a little unusual for me but I have purchased about a dozen box canvasses in three sizes and some nice new fresh tubes of paint so that I have no excuse to get started. -Unless the computer/internet gets in my way. But I will be posting the work on here as it comes off the production line. This will give me a reason to make sure that it happens in good time. Let you know how the work is coming on next time. - John


Naj said...

Lovely pastel work John, they are lively and colourful, the one with the figure is kind of mystical.

Artyfax said...

Hi Naj, thanks for the compliment. I really do enjoy getting my hands dirty with my pastels. - John

kelli said...

very nice, you've inspired me to do more art work.