Friday, 6 July 2007

Video show-reel

Talking about videos on YouTube, I have just uploaded my latest epic. :-)

It is a compilation of a few images from my sketch books, done whilst on holiday. Some are simple line drawings, others are work I completed in the evenings to embellish the rough sketches. There is at least one that was actually done at a much larger size and exhibited. can you guess which one. No prizes tho', I'm afraid.

You can see my YouTube profile if you are interested in seeing more of my work viewed in this novel format. All the music on these videos is put together by myself from samples using software called ACID from Sonic Foundry. I do play guitar and a little keyboards but I find this a very relaxing way of producing music.

1 comment:

Becky said...

Hi, John...Thank you for your very kind comments at my blog.

I must say that I've enjoyed looking at your watercolors. Very nice. :)

If you are just beginning to get into collage, you are in for a FUN adventure--it's very addictive!