Sunday, 15 July 2007

Two more collaged aceo's

I am going hammer and tongs at this collaging thing, I believe I am learning, but here's a couple more - what do you think?
They are both again based on a wet-into-wet watercolour background, and using vintage photos and magazine snippets. The first I am a little unsure of - I ended up with more faces/figures than I intended and the small figure on the bottom left seems out of place. The working title was "children should be seen and not heard" hence the partially hidden faces. Don't ask! But I think there may well be a series on this theme...........

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The second was another partial failure. The original had only the one figure, the bathing beauty at the bottom left. But I put on too many overpowering flowers and as one can do with collages, I simply added the other two main figures to partially cover the flowers and make a stronger subject. The green figure at the bottom was a step too far I think and of course it is obscuring one eye of the face defeating the object of making this the main subject. Still as I say, I believe I am learning.

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The main lesson which will carry on back to my painting -when I get around to some more - is compositional. gotta run.



I think, John, that you are definitely getting your own style. which is a very good thing.

Artyfax said...

Cheers - John

sylvie d said...

Very nice collage! I have a fscination for this period in time!