Monday, 23 June 2008

churning out atc's now

Right this weekend I have been churning them out, just didn't feeel like doing much after my cousins funeral on Thursday and so have been doing a couple every night to pass the time.

This first atc was for a challenge based on song titles with MOON in the title. The fish appeared because I had to incorporate a product from a particular supplier....
I enjoyed doing this and may make some landscapes in the near future in the same style.

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I had been wondering what to do with this little noticeboard in the next card for some time. May not be great art but I think it's sort of whimsical in a humerous way.To be fair it's based on a father's day card my son bought me.What's that, Looks like it ???? LOL

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Another of those, "what shall I do with...."; cards. I was given this buckle and I thought well I am just gonna have to use it. Of course that meant the ribbon..... the backing was chosen to complement the ribbon..... the music to offer some contrast and the text because it seemed to fit the card and make a nice detail.I added a little colour pencil to the face.

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I had some tablet containers (the foil type) and had been meaning to use them for ages. Given that, this card sort of fell together. The mesh was an afterthought to hold the two silver stars in place which were hung loosely on the wires. These though did not come out well in the photo.

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well there you have it, lots of bits and pieces used up, there were a couple more cards but I think that's probably enough for now; and they weren't very successful anyway. Can't win 'em all!

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