Sunday, 15 June 2008

Make it mondays challenge - women

Trying to catch up with a long "to-do" list. Here is an ATC on the theme of Women as posted in Make it Mondays. only a couple of weeks to catch up with now, LOL

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A touch of the Maurice Chevalier, never one of my favourite singers (give me Karl Denver anyday) but such a well worn song. And it sprang to mind as I was adding the last element of this collage.



THE text in the background made me chuckle with the 'hideously ugly tights".

~Nice one John

Artyfax said...

mmmm, it was actually from an article about the inventor of said garments. Must admit I simply used this page to try out a new stamp. I kept the page and decided to use this image as the background on the basis of waste-not-want-not. I hadn't noticed the text tho', but I am pleased it raised a smile. John