Monday, 23 June 2008

themed ATC's, TIME a Make It Mondays Challenge

Just a quick post to put up two more ATC's from the Make it Mondays challenge. I am really enjoying this, It seems to give me something to work for. Too often I find myself browsing blogs and group forums and I find myself wondering wether it is a form of procrastination. trying to be different with each card is not easy, but the challenges certainly help. I have been determined to catch up on past themes so I have not taken several other challenges but one of these days I will post a list of challenges for every day of the week. Of course, I don't gurantee to meet them all, a guy has to have a real life (or so my wife keeps telling me ).

The first is called, "Lost Time Is........."

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They are both very simple collages. Start with a thick card base, choose a backing paper ( I think these are both courtesy of Dover Publications), select a couple of complementary images and a quote based on the theme of "time passing". A couple of strokes with the glue stick and bob's your uncle, as we say in the UK. Of course there was actually a lot of positioning and repositioning before the application of the adhesive. It often takes me considerable time to lay out the images before the final step is taken. have I got enough or do I need some more? Will it be too busy? I actually like my ATC's to be unbusy, if that's an english word.

The second ATC is called, "To Choose Time.........."

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OK that's me done for today, I can go and surf the net having done my quota and without feeling guilty.


Viv's Visuals said...

Great couple of ATC's....will now have to go and do one on the subject of time!! (Have you got any spare time that you could send me?????????)

Linda Blondheim said...

These are both way cool John.

Artyfax said...

Thank you both for pumping up my ego. - John

joey said...

love these time atcs!!! have an award on my blog for you, as yours always has something fab to look at!