Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A collage in the style of Matisse

Here it is:-

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My interpretation of the Dancers by Matisse; I call it the Prancers!
This is approximately 8 x 12 inches and is executed in tissue paper on mountboard. I used a template from an art doll and cut four layers of tissue at once. Hence they are a little ragged in places but this was the only way I could have completed it in the 90 minutes whch I had.
As with the last large collage this was done whilst at my art group to try and get the members interested in collage before I run a workshop for them in two weeks time. Again I had a lot of quizzical looks but nothing else when I announced that I was going to do "a Matisse", but before the end of the evening, I again had people asking about the process. So I guess it is working.
One thing I learned whilst doing this is that if you intend to collage with tissue paper, do not rely on glue-sticks to lay on the adhesive. A wet glue would have been far kinder to the small tissue paper shapes.
Have to find another artist and another style for next week - any suggestions welcome.


My name is CINDY...... said...

yep, been there with the glue sticks and tissue paper but if I ever do anything at work with kids it has to be glue sticks - the carpet would never survive runny glue. I was wondering what you were going to do with this but it worked well I think.

Artyfax said...

Hi Cindy - what am I going to do with it? It was done merely as an exercise to get the srt group members interested in having a go at collage as an alternative to "drawing and painting".

I hadn't really thought about doing anything else with it.


brill John.

How about Paul Klee, with his blocks of colour for next time.

Artyfax said...

Thanks for the suggestion Margaret, I will have a think about it. Don't want to be too abstract for this crowd as they are a very conservative bunch