Monday, 27 October 2008

MAMMA's Bling themed challenge-swap

I am not a lover of the subject of this weeks theme for Margarets swap (MAMMA) but as I like a challenge - or so I keep telling myself - I jumped in with both feet and looked out some sparklies for this weeks atc's. Yes, atc's; I finally made a set of three. Prepare for a revelation:-

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The first is a portrait of an african male figure, sporting a metal leaf from copper wire. The wire is threaded through holes either side of the head of the image, to give a sort of 3-D effect. I then went a little mad and started adding a "metallized ribbon, a fancy thread and a few sequins" to add a little bling to the card. Oh and the background is from a photo pool on Flickr, offering free to use collage images. My apologies to the person who posted this on the group. I will promise to make a note of names in the future in order to give due credit.
You may remember this image from the African Angel in a previous post.

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The second was of this sturdy fellow standing in front of a home-made background. A watercolour wash over-stamped with a stamp free with a magazine earlier this year. I used a couple of charms, lots of gems and a little bit of gold metallised ribbon, with a heart shaped gem as a buckle. No he is not a superhero, and he is not wearing a posing pouch on the outside of his trousers; as suggested by someone who shall remain nameless. She knows who she is!
Again I have used this image before.

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The last ( but not the least?) is this fine figure of a statue bedecked in faux gems and ribbons. And catch the shooting star !!! And yet again, this image has been used previously.



John, you know you loooove the challenges that i set you lol.
well you do keep coming back for more.

There's something nice waiting for you on my blog

Tammy said...

Bling is one of my weaknesses when I'm shopping for supplies. Funny how I don't frequently use them though. I have drawers FULL of eye-candy. I think I buy them as they are calorie free. I love your use of the bling you used for this challenge and enjoyed your "series!" Great Work!

Chatty said...

Well John, Blink isn't exactly my thing to be honest...giggle...I'm not sure what everyone sees in bling but I'm slowly warming up to it. Though I love your African Man I keep coming back to it must be the black n white a tinge of zen maybe. Well done love your work. Ranie

Chatty said...

John go to my blog site there is a Gold Medal waiting for you over there on 11/06/08 have fun passing it on.

I still the the African Man card the best!