Thursday, 6 November 2008

Collage workshop - news

hi, Sorry that it has been some time since my last post, thought that I would let you know how the workshop went. There were 9 artists from my art group who came along and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I used the collages that I had worked on over the previous three weeks to give them some ideas ( although most of them had very strong ideas of what they wanted to do as it turned out) before they all started cutting and tearing at the magazines and other sources that they had bought along. I have to say there were some really superb efforts from the group. I am trying to sort out the photographs and will include them in the blog asap.

that is as much as I have time for this evening ( it has been a tremendously busy week) except to say that I have been awarded another accolade from Ranie Patridis otherwise known as Chatty530 for which I am very grateful. I have also been nominated for the same award by Jinny at Jinny's arts and crafts. A double award !! I am honoured

I will heve to get my finger out and pass this on to the five blogs as set out in the "rules". Simply been a little up to my neck in things lately and little time for non-essential stuff.

Thanks girls, I will be editing this post soon.

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