Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just a couple of new atc's

Still having problems getting much craft work done. I have been working on a series of six altered jigsaw pieces for a jam swap in the NI group on Yahoo. You know the thing, a group ( in this case six people) send a jigsaw piece to each other; each person receives 5 plus their own to alter according to some given theme / colour scheme. This has been taking me forever. I am not at all sure that it is the kind of thing which I will do again. Most people seem to find them great fun but I worry that I am not doing what the recipient really wants. It seems to hold back my creative juices.

I get the same way when my wife asks me to make a greetings card for someone - I am never sure I understand want is required; as I am making it for her and not myself.

Anyway I am all but finished and just need to add final touches to the last one. I will post all the pieces together within a couple of days. and then post my six pieces shortly after. Ourgroup tends to fix them together on a canvas, for instance for viewing although there are a couple this time who have asked for individual pieces.

Now.... just to keep you up to date here are a couple of atc's which I have made recently.

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the first is a piece I made a little while ago, using some old bits I found behind the cupboards in my garage. I coated the cardstock with an acrylic texture paste and when this dried I caught the tops of the "waves" with a black marker pen. I was intending to use an old figure of Obi-wan Kanobe (Star Wars!) in the piece so used a piece of 35mm film as a backing for contrast. The figure was placed on an "L"-shaped bracket as a stand and then the bits and pieces arranged to give a pleasing composition. I wasn't very enamoured of it but bought it out recently because of a challenge which I am joining in with.

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This is also an old piece which I bought out (see the original here). I added the clock/watch and the image of the eiffel tower as I never did find this atc terribly good and thought that this finished it off nicely by completing the composition. The clock was stamped, and then cut out to match the figure before being stuck into place. The tower image was also collaged and was in tune with the french text. This has now gone to the USA.

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This last atc is the only new one. The background is an image from an "oriental" images CD and I thought this would make a great background for the bird. This was dry embossed with a gold powder, the beak was built up using a yellow powder (not heat setting?) and the eye was added using a marker pen. The lace and sparkly sequins were added for effect.

So there you have it, the jigsaw pieces will be posted soon.

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