Thursday, 27 November 2008

more on the altered jigsaw swap

Well at last I have completed this little task and here is my own piece for my jigsaw. I asked for the partners to make my pieces on a theme of Christmas Afternoon, in colours of purple/blue with contrasts of orange and red. Most said how difficult they found it BUT they all came up with some fantastic pieces. All I have to do now is to set them on to a canvas background ( still contemplating how this will look, so you will have to wait for a picture of the whole set-up).

I have probably cheated a little on this theme because I had a very definite idea of what my piece would look like although I waited to see what the others would make of it before completing mine. Of course there was the queen on TV, knapping after lunch, snow and a wonderful sunset - all as I said stunning from such a talented bunch.

Here is my own piece:-

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Now then, what does that have to do with christmas, I hear you say. Well, as a small lad I always looked forward to christmas because all my mothers family used to gather at her parents house for two days over the holiday. My special treat was to be allowed to play real grown-up games with the men, whilst the ladies washed up, watched the queen on TV and then made the turkey sandwhiches for later. In the evening about 17 of us would sit around the somehow extended dining table and play more family inclined card games like Newmarket and Chase the Lady. But always for money ( pennies really, but I always enjoyed it).
It was definitely the card games which I always look back on when remembering christmas as a boy.

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Linda said...

What a fun Christmas memory. The best memories are of the fun times we have with family as children. Those memories stay with us forever and make us smile even when Christmas isn't as much *fun* anymore. I mean there is something special about seeing Christmas through a child's eyes.

Also, I just wanted you to know I have an award for you on my blog.