Sunday, 16 November 2008

where does the time go.........

............. at this time of year.

I have been so busy it is just not true. But I have done a couple of atc's which I thought I could post here to keep things rolling. These were created for MAMMA's challenge swap last week. The theme was "remembrance". I thought for a long time about this idea and was not getting very far when I remembered some very old and tattered photos which I had of my mother and father. They were presumably taken just before he was sent overseas in the second world war. Both of them looked as if they had been used quite a bit. The creases and folds, etc are in the original photo and I did not want to use clever gimmickry from photoshop to clean them up ( even if I knew enough about this tool to be able to do it, LOL). The contrast was not too good and I had hoped to improve that but found that I was losing details so, left them largely as they were.

Mom's photo had a hand-written message on it, "With all my love, Olive XXX" in the bottom right-hand corner; quite difficult to read without the help of a good lens. Dad's had a similar message in the top left-hand corner, "All my love, Jack XXX". An additional message in the opposite corner read, "I've only had 2 bottles", I think. There appears to be some extra characters after the "2" and on the same line, but I can't make it out. No idea what the note referred to???

One other thing that can be seen in the photo is the shoes that Dad is wearing; I do not think these are army issue. The backdrop is also just that, it looks like a theatrical / photo studio background. this seems to indicate that the photos were indeed taken before he embarked for foreign climes. He did in fact go to the Far East.

I made them quite simple, just the photo on a red backing card with collaged images of poppies and a line of text from a poem.

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Life is eternal; and love is immortal;
And death is only a horizon;
And a horizon is nothing
Save the limit of our sight.

-Rossiter Worthington Raymond

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They that love beyond the world
Cannot be separated by it.
Death is but crossing the world,
As friends do the seas;
They live in one another still.

-William Penn

I made these for the swap as I said but ended up repeating them for my own collection.

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