Wednesday, 26 November 2008

NI Jigsaw Jam swap

It was with some apprehension that I signed up for this jam swap (swapping with multiple partners rather than swapping conserves LOL) and was a little sure of what to expect. as it turned out the mix of jigsaw piece sizes and themes was a bit of a learning experience for me. But I won't go into all that again as I mentioned it in my previous post. This post is simply to show you the results of my art work, making the pieces my the 5 partners involved.

Here are they are:-

the first was for Carol, the theme being "vintage christmas"

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this was for Margaret, the themw was "winged things"

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this is Sherry's, christmas with a musical theme

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next Viv's piece, vintage christmas again

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and finally a jigsaw piece for Wendy, with a theme of "angels"

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I hope to post the results of my jigsaw soon, % pieces from the partners and one of my own. I hope to place them on a canvas for display and will include the whole shot as well as the individual pieces.


Chatty said...

Oh wow John, these are nice.

Iowa Sunshine said...

Wow! I really love them all but i think the first one would be my pick....IF i were that lucky! LOL. Never seen puzzle pieces like that! I'll bet they would make great pins to wear. Hmmmmmmm...not another craft idea? John you are SO talented!

Artyfax said...

Thank you very much, I am honoured. However I cannot take all the blame, altering jigsaw pieces does appear to be quite popular although I could not site a source. This particular project was initiated by a colleague in an art group on yahoo to which I belong.