Saturday, 29 November 2008

even more on the jigsaw swap

Right then, I have made my first steps towards towards putting this on a canvas to use as a wall hanging. this is what it may look like

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I say may.... as I am a little unsure of the "modern background". I think I will wait and see if this grows on me. But right now I think it will be changed to a more conservative cream and gold. I have also seen a photograph of another and may add a few embellishments to bring out the theme. Because I chose a theme which allowed for interpretation, I was not sure that the thing would look like a single artwork which is why I wanted the background to be a unifying factor. But in a way I think they all go together quite well. I am very satisfied with the outcome and heartily congratulate the team of Sherry, Margaret, Carol, Viv and Wendy for their work on this "difficult theme".


Chatty said...

What a unique form of art and the display is amazing. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

Mam said...

Love these, John. I've tried one, so far. Just the small pieces. I look forward to doing more. I like the display, but the black blocks in the background do take away from the pieces. My 2 cents!

Artyfax said...

As I said, I was not happy with the background it was a bit of a random placement of coloured papers before I added the jigsaw pieces ( and really without considering the jigsaw) not a good way to get a good result.