Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A reason for creating ATC cards

Gosh where has the time gone? I have been beavering away creating atc's but don't seem to have managed to post them on my blog. I think that I will do this over the next three or four days so that I can share all of them with you and so that I don't overwhelm you.

Snow has been one problem, MIL is still in hospital and MOH had a little problem with another driver who tried to rip the side off our car - but what the heck? making atc's is a wondeful form of relaxation therapy.

This a digitally created ATC, the theme for this card was, "Crimson" and it was entered into the Pocket Packet Challenge on Kim Newberg's PDA site a great place for some free to use images.



The next two have their titles on the cards. They were both made using mainly found images from magazines, something I seem to have gotten into recently. Don't know why but when I first started collaging I thought that this was cheating and not quite the thing to do. Of course, I know better now.



Thses represent a tritych that I made for a challenge for the MAMMA challenge swap, the first phot shows the front and the second shows the inside of the card.


This last atc again makes use of a found image from a magazine and uses an oval to show off the figures sent to me with a small package of goodies by Nancy, check out her wonderfully inspiring blog.
Well that's the first instalment, more tomorrow.


Nicks said...

I love your style of collage, the top three seem to have alot depth. are they flat??

Artyfax said...

Thanks Nicks, coming from such a wonderful crafter that means a lot.

The images are flat. The first is digital and the illusion of depth is created by manipulating the transparency of the images to make them less contrasty (cf aerial perspective in a painting)

The other two are flat images with embellishments, the images were chosen as B&W to stand out from the background.


Linda said...

I like all the ATCs but I think the top one is my favorite. It's very rich.

You commented on my blog that you used the same woman in an ATC. I'd love to see it. The magazine picture I used was already full sized so I didn't have to enlarge it.