Friday, 13 February 2009

Squaring the circle with more ATC's.

I said I would post all the ATC's which I made last week and this is the last post, to complete the batch. Stangely, whilst I have been sitting at the keyboard this week I have not been making ATC's. Could there be a connection? I have actually done a couple of watercolours ( YEAH!!!) at my art group evening , but more of those in the next post.

The last of the 15 cards from last week have the floor... and here they are:-

The first is a zetti atc, an area where I felt a little out of my comfort zone. I have done a few of these before but that was after following a small on-line course on doodling and it seemed to be a smooth transition to Zetti. This time was out of the blue, as a theme for the MAMMA challenge swap. But here was my entry.


The background was hand drawn ( doodled?) and coloured with sharpie markers. As was infact most of the rest of the card. The image was a found magazine image. The text was added because most of the zetti cards I looked at had trext on tehm somewhere, so I followed suit. I don't think I shall be doing many of these somehow. Addendum: Thanks to Nancy for swapping this atc with me for a great creation, knocked up just for the swap.
The next two were in the same vein as many of the atc's shown over the last two posts. That is, they are simple and a direct use of found magazine images.

I stuggled with a title for this one. I found the map which I used for the background and thought it went well with the statue. I was originally going to make it a similar card to the KNIGHT card ( see previous post) using ADT. However something made me want to make it different, and this mask fell into my hands. It seemed a good idea at first but now I am not so sure.


Here, I selected a background piece of text ( actually not POE) and played around with the juxtaposition of the portrait of Poe and the little devil image. I am actually quite pleased with this one. the quill ( a brass charm) was added as an afterthought to aadd a little detail.

The last two cards were created for another MAMMA challenge with the theme of HATS.


The first was titled, YMC... Eh? and not as some people seem to think CYM. Just goes to show what too much atc'ing can do to a persons ability to read good honest english, LOL... Anyway this was actually my second entry. I was thinking about how to make an entry with a masculine flavour, as a counter to the dozens of entries from all the women in the group. I found several images of headgear and the more I came across the more I thought of the old song by The Village People, YMCA. The image of the little fireman clinched it for me and I just had to go for a humerous card based on an allusion to the song.


Now this one was my first hurried response to the theme. I found the ladies and the similarity of their grimaces just worked for me. I thought they were thinking, "What a thing to be wearing" and ready to burst out into laughter. The bird was purely to bring out the humour in the feathered headgear and has nothing to do witht he theme whatsoever apart from the fact that a number of his relations may have contributed to the making of the hats.

Right, I am now up to date and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post I will share my new watercolours next time, see you around.

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