Sunday, 20 January 2008

Altered art ATC, couldn't leave a fairy as my top story

Well I just had to come back and put up another post, I couldn't leave the fairy at the top of my blog for long - know what I mean?

Here is another recent example of the type of work I have been developing with this new group. All the doodling and other techniques is I hope going to culminate in this sort of thing. Which I think is better called an assemblage. I will have to look up the difference between collage and this term on Wiki and answer my own question in my next post. This one is called Africa Series - beads and flower. The reason for this title is that I have aquired some stamps and accents/embellishments along the theme and I am going to use them up come hell or high-water. Here it is , hope you like it.

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Just a little background to the methodology, to remind me really of how I made it as I quite like this one:- I layered some crumpled tissue paper to a card and then cut it to the ATC size. The offcuts, I used to build up the left-hand side and topped this with a little heat-embossing. I stamped the mask motif with black ink and used a bunched tissue to stamp coloured ink (2 colours) over the surface. I also stamped the small birds and the circular motifs and coloured these in. The small tile and the yellow rose were embellishments that were handy, and I put a few beads onto a wire which was attached via the eyelet at the top. there was also a little embossing around the main image in a random manner.
Et Voila, I hope the culmination of my experiments with collage, doodling, zentangles and zetti, not to mention art dolls will be altered art works.
BTW, have I not entioned zettiology before? Oh boy - you are in for a surprise! But it will have to wait for next time.


Jan said...

Yes, glad to know that you're not 'away with the fairies' John!! Your African assemblage is clever because it brings together several techniques to produce one colourful and interesting piece. I like it! Thank you for sharing it.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Jan, that's what "New Inspirations" has taught me - so thanks to all of you.