Sunday, 20 January 2008

art dolls and button fairies, what's next?

Help, I think I am being hi-jacked. The yahoo group which I have joined called New Inspirations is pulling me in all sorts of ways and I am definitely being led astray. You may remember the art doll I posted a photograph of recently, well they are now doing a monthly swap with of different types of art doll. The latest is (would you believe) button fairies. I ask you, a serious artist doing button fairies :-). But what can I do they are capable (oh yes) of producing such fantastic ATC's and altered art objects that I have decided to sacrifice my principals and join in. Here is my first attempt. Not quite finished, I haven't added the sparkly bits and bobs as I wasn't quite satisfied with it - but I will learn.

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Still it's all good practice (for something), and grist to the mill of altered art. I had to refuse the first art doll swap as I didn't want to admit that I couldn't sew, but I did produce the fella referred to above.
Question: Can fairies be of the male denomination?


Jan said...

Well done John for showing the WORLD your lovely little button fairy. Here's to more of the little creatures and to your continuing blossoming into the altered art world!

Artyfax said...

Thank you Jan, and welcome to my blog.