Monday, 7 January 2008

more doodled zentangles

I hope this is the right term; doodle, zentangle, zendoodle simply don't know the difference yet!

I don't usually make two posts this close together but I was "granny" sitting my mother in law today and found myself with a typist pad and a leaky biro. Balancing the pad on my knee, whilst sitting infront of a sweltering hot fire I managed to deaf out the comments and draw these. I was actually quite pleased with them under the circumstances, so I thought they deserved a showing.

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titled cheeky monkey

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and wheels within wheels


Naj said...

I like these.... they remind me of "op art"

Artyfax said...

Hi Naj, yes, I guess in a way they do. they are a great way of relaxing after a hard day and just keeping "loose". I never was much good at literal painting/drawing, no patience I'm afraid.