Sunday, 9 March 2008

An ATC from a bag of swapped bits

Ok, here is the first new piece as promised, My group, New Inspirations, was set a challenge to make an ATC from a small bag of craft goodies. A swap with a difference!

Took me over an hour, not my cup of tea at all and I felt at one stage (when I gave up on the first attempt) that Angie had got me beaten. Lovely goodies, ribbons, papers, flowery stamp, flowers,buttons and some gilded text but not something that I would usually go for.

Well, I did decide not to be beaten and set about it on a different tack.Took the paper flowers and painted them with acrylic and layered yellow on red. The blue buttons were to be added last. I used purple rather than black for the stamping ( less obvious??) and put two ofthe words together although it sounds like a film title rather than english. I cut the painted flowers in two and positioned them on the backing, one of them off the edge, so it needed cutting again. I added a jewelled cloth flower and had cut a butterfly out from another of the backing papers which needed company so got out a couple of die-cuts from the same paper. Put a little ribbon at the bottom and decided that I had a half-decent atc after all.

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Had a few panicky moments when I thought this was never going to happen tho'.

Thanks for the challenge Angie.

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Angie said...

You so done my goodie bag proud John, i knew you would come up with something. i will post yours as soon as my blog will let me