Tuesday, 25 March 2008

ATC, My Favourite Things

Just a quick entry to show one ATC I did for a swap on the theme of my favourite things, for me there is no competition. It has to be my guitars.

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again couldn't be simpler. Have been taxing my brain with too many new techniques lately and felt like a well-earned break.

BTW I have started posting videos of some original material on You Tube. No slick edits, or sound production. I stuck a digital camera on the dining room table and recorded a song with out rehearsal and accepted the first take with warts and all.

This is a song called "Going To The City" and is the first in a continuing series. If I get too involved in this I may start another blog just for my musical activities but just for now the two hobbies will have to get along together.

Rock on, brothers and sisters

1 comment:

Jinny said...

I like this ATC John and I like your cards too-your as bit multi-talented you :)