Friday, 21 March 2008

Digital images

I have been seeing such a lot of digitally altered and enhanced images of late that I thought that I would have to have a go. I downloaded a free copy of Photoplus from serif and started playing. I am amazed at the plethora of new vocabulary, completely maddening for someone not versed in the ways of the digital image world. Anyway I started to pick one or two things up and using two of my original paintings, I have constructed ( is that the right word?) my first digital painting. The landscape is a watercolour and the portrait is a pastel painting.

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It seems almost de rigeur to include some text/prose in these sort of images so I have included a single word which I thought the overall image was saying to me - you might disagree!
A very simple start, but we all have to begin somewhere. And I have now started to get to grips with layers. Not something that I found easy, I must admit.
Just had to have another play.... This time I have used an abstract pastel as a background and two other images. The winged man ( a pastel after redon), and a male portrait. I have added a couple of picture brushes and again a little prose (?) for effect.

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I think I may well enjoy playing with this new toy. And to top it all, I have recently bought a graphics tablet which had lain almost untouched. I now have a reason to use this. I will be "experimenting" and hoping to produce some interesting images.
Are these digital paintings? Digitally manipulated photos? Altered art? I am not sure what to call the products of these toys, any reasonable offers?


Angie said...

I will warn you now John, digital imagery is very addictive, and one of my favorite forms of art.You have done a great job, can't wait to see what else you do .

Jinny said...

I agree with Angela John, theses loo great.
I have Jasc paint shop pro- can you tell me how you overlay one image ontop of another??? I would love to have ago at this- I spend alot of time playing with this programme and most is easy but not got the hang at all, of trying to overlay 2 + images.
Keep em coming-happy easter :)

Jinny said...

Forgot to add that I think the top painting is stunning-love trees and I think that this painting(even without)the other image overlayed on top is very atmosperic.

WendyK said...

love these, the tree one is my favourite

john said...

I started playing around with digital images quite a few years ago and now I have thousands.I spend hours on the computer producing digital artwork. At least it lets my wife watch the tv programs she wants while I am busy.

Enjoy your new found hobby!!!!