Monday, 31 March 2008

pastel portrait - of Chagall

Here I am again with another pastel painting. Not what I would call a masterpiece, but another step in the long road back to producing drawings/paintings. I have been quite busy of late and have not kept my promise to myself of starting a sketch book to try to recover some of my old skills. Too much abstact painting and papercrafting/craftwork has left me feeling just a little lost when it comes to this sort of thing. I never was what you would call a draftsman but I did feel that I could do a fair job, I have a lot of hard work ahead.

For a look at the original try here and for more work by Marc Chagall (an artist I admire tremendously) try this link

My own poor version of this self-portrait shows that I have a love of colours which is not evident in the original. I can't resist using the brighter colours which jump out of the box of pastels at me. I evidently need to retrain my hand to work in co-ordination with my eyes. I have lapsed back into the approach of drawing what I want to see or what I think is there rather than what I actually see. Anyway, here it is:-

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actual size 14 X 10 inches
Look at any area in detail and it is quite easy to spot the differences which contribute to the overall failure to capture the likeness. The ear, for example, I have drawn shadows which aren't on the original... but which I would have expected to be there. The eyes in my version are smaller and closer together. The nose is more bulbous and the mouth.... well I had so much trouble with that it is not true.
However I post the portrait here as another marker in my return journey. I must get out my sketchbook and get back to seeing what is there. It was always a problem with me and I have just allowed the discipline to drift away. Possibly one of the reasons why I always liked landscape painting. More freedom and less hassle trying to get things "right".
Anyway back to papercrafting and altered art this morning, my sketch book will have to wait.


Kim said...

Arty, I think you have a very good start on this self-portrait and can see a lot of Chagall influence. I wish I could offer you some suggestions, but I have never been one for trying to get things "right" with my paintings and suppose that is one of the reasons why I do abstracts. I do, however, find keeping a sketchbook is very helpful on lots of fronts.

Thanks for helping with my little problem on my blog today! I appreciate your comments there.

Where in the Midlands are you. We just left The New Forest last year, and I miss it terribly.

Artyfax said...

Thanks for your comments Kim

My domicile is in Solihull, never moved far from my birthplace let alone to another continent

Jinny said...

Well I think you have done a grand job John-much better than I could ever do!

Artyfax said...

thanks Jinny but I know my limitations - John

Jan said...

Hi John - your site came up on my Blogrush - so it DOES work!. Love the Chagall influence - can't comment on the technicalities of it because I am not that knowledgeable. Suffice to say that Chagall is one of my most favourite artists and you have done him proud!! Jan xx

WendyK said...

You've done a great job John, I'm hopeless at portraits, people or animals. I can draw mice, and that's it

Artyfax said...

Thanks Jan

Artyfax said...

Thanks Wendy