Tuesday, 8 April 2008

fun with pastels (after Paul Klee)


The above link gives a photo of an oil painting by Paul Klee called "Senecio" (old man), paul is another of my favourite artists and at my art group tonight I was looking thro' some of his work to use as inspiration for another pastel. I particularly like the way Paul uses texture in this painting and I decided that I could get close to this with pastel and that I would use this as a reference for my latest attempt to return to painting.

I have not finished the painting yet needing to put in a little detail for the nose, the eyebrows, etc; but I was pleased with the work so far and liked the new colours. Quite a difference! What do you think? Hopefully I will complete it at the art group next week. Anyway, here it is as a work-in-progress :-

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Linda Blondheim said...

A terrific homage to Paul. Well done.


Artyfax said...

Thanks for your kind words, Linda


great piece of work John

Viv King said...

I love your new page-header John. Long time no see - thought I'd just check in to see how you are doing. Hope you are well.