Sunday, 13 April 2008

wip completed (after Paul Klee)

As promised here is the completed pastel based on Paul Klee's, "SENECIO".

I could not wait for this weeks art group meeting, and rather than getting out my pastels at home ( omg the dust!!!) I used a photo of the original WIP and completed it digitally.

I have just sorted out my so-called office at home, and I now am able to use my graphics tablet on the desk in front of the computer rather than using it on my my lap. This really helps with the hand - eye cordination ( so expect lots more digitally produced paintings in the future) which was giving me a problem when using this device. Anyway here is the completed painting

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Have to admit that mine is not a patch on the original, much less innovative as I am still painting what I think I ought to see. A major handicap when doing semi-abstract paintings like this.


Maureen said...

I like it! - maureen x

Jan said...

Brilliant - I am a great Paul Klee fan anyway. I like your take on this one.