Saturday, 16 August 2008

aceo watercolour paintings

I have also decided to post a batch of aceo paintings here. My first love is painting but I seem to be doing so much in the way of ATC's that I don't seem to have very much time these days for painting. I have however decided that this week at my art group I am going to get out a larger sheet of paper and do a couple of portrait sketches - just to see if I can still draw. Like any skill, if you don't use it you lose it and I am determined that that will not happen. keep your fingers crosssed for me and I may well post the results here on Wednesday.

Anyway here are a couple of paintings in the aceo format. The trouble with these is that I am painting what I think will sell on Ebay. I don't make a lot of money/profit from these sales but it does give me a little cash-flow to replace materials which I am using constantly.

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storm clouds

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the house next door

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talking about replacing materials I have just bought my first packet of shrink plastic; seen lots of atc's made using this and kept thinking about it but todady I was taken (by she who must be obeyed) to a garden centre and they had some small packets (6 x A5 sheets for only £1.99) so I gave in and bought some just to try it out. watch this space!


Viv's Visuals said...

Another great set of paintings, particularly like the storm clouds. And as for shrink plastic...I LOVE it!!! It's really scarey when it shrivels at first but is one of my fave things!

Artyfax said...

I made my first shrink plastic item today - and nearly had kittens when they shriveled up. I was using my heat gun and ended up chasing them around the work surface.