Tuesday, 19 August 2008

make it mondays - GYPSY theme

I seem to be hopping around from one thing to another at the moment and I am not sure that this is really a good thing. Still, I enjoy doing what grabs me and I generally go with the flow. Here is another ATC made for the Make it Mondays challenge On GMS. I spent ages trying to find vintage gypsy images on the web, In the end I just couldn't find anything that I thought would make a "different atc so put the project to one side. Blow me down if I didn't come across this image of the flamenco dancers in a magazine... and it struck me at once as "just the job". A couple of fabric flowers with their stems removed, a "sun" in gold foil and my alphabet stamps completed the collage. Have to admit I actually bought a sheet of painted backgrounds from etsy and this one seemed to fit perfectly. Here it is:-

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I called it "Viva Flamenco - Ole!" I thought the colourful elements contrasted very well with the background, something new for me. I usually start with a colourful background and then use fairly monotone elements. Always ready to learn though.


Linda said...

I love the Flamenco dancers and the card has great colors. Great job!

CafeArtiste said...

Nice job, John! Beautiful colors. (Or, since you're in the UK: colours!)

Did you cut those dancers from the magazine and glue them on? They look hand drawn!

Artyfax said...

they were from a magazine, got to take a short-cut when it's offered LOL

Kari Gibson said...

Just brilliant! Lovely painting and on such a small scale too!

Artyfax said...

Thanks Kari, but as it is a collage (see above), I can't take any credit for the painting, LOL