Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another week another set of ATC's

Wow, it has been a busy week but have finally managed to get a little time for some creative crafting. These are four cards which I have made for the Make it Mondays challenge on Lisa Vollrath's site.

The first two are based on a theme of ITALY, for these I have used downloaded travel posters and made simple collages. Sorry for the clarity I used a camera rather than my scanner and did not use a tripod - MUST learn!!!

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The next two were for an earlier challenge based on the colour yellow. I have to say that I had a great deal of difficulty with this. Usually colour is not an issue for me but I had nothing in yellow and couldn't stamp in yellow (so I used gold!!). had to think hard about this one. Again the photos are a little blurry. I had some 3-D stuff to photo and tried to get them all done together, I will remember next time.

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This is not one of my normal atc's, I do not usually use these sort of items but I had been given them with some bits and pieces and after all they were yellow. The paper used for the background had been painted by dragging acrylic with a spatula, an idea from the Go Make Something site which I have used several times now.

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This one is also a little different for me. Quite a sparsely decorated card. I painted the background with sparkling yellow watercolour, let it dry and then stamped and embossed the geisha. the butterflies were die-cuts and the text stamped. The whole thing is covered with a voile material (gold with white bobbles randomly included). I would normally use a lot more to make this sort of card but I just like this.
well that's enough for now, back to the gardening......


CafeArtiste said...

Artyfax - I love your cards! My favories are the Italy one with the girl on the bike and your summer one. Hmmm. We may have to arrange a swap sometime, eh?


Mam said...

I love the geisha. It's an eloquent statement. And the Italy one at the top - nice! I noticed you didn't do the Marie Antoinette challenge! You must see mine. I thought of you after I got it posted and looked at it on the screen. I thought, "John will appreciate this one!" (by the way, I thought my Italy one was funny, too, but that's just me!)