Wednesday, 21 January 2009

digital collages 'R' us

There's no stopping me. I really am having fun with these things. I still feel a little like I am cheating but I am under the spell of this media at the moment. I am still doing a few cut-and-paste images, and don't want to stop that but every time I sit down at the computer these days it seems like I want to start building up a picture, especially if I come across a great background (for example). I have started to create one or two backgrounds from scratch and do find this to be much more satisfying, and also using my own (painted) images but there is so much stuff to use lying around on the web that I just gotta use it.

Here are two more digital collages, both were created for the Make It Mondays challenge on Lisa Vollraths site. I like this challenge as if I miss one week I can catch up without recriminations - there's no pressure on this one to meet any expectations.

the first is called Egyptian Kings, you will be surprised to learn the theme was egypt. I am not really satisfied with this one as it is too symetrical for my liking. Got carried away with flipping the images is my excuse. I do however like the centre of the piece and may well play with it to get a more satisfying effect. This of course is the beauty of digital; you can always rearrange it without any problems.

This one is called (tongue-in-cheek) The Lion King. I wanted a Tiger but couldn't find a useable image; however the lion gave the piece a title. Again flipping the image of the little girl clowns seemed like a good idea.... but I am not absolutely happy, need to work on this idea. The background for this one is self created by painting and modifying in Serif Photoplus.


Genie said...

Glad you are having fun !!

Rosie said...

Hi John, you're having loads of fun with digi-art it appears - I like what you've done! I agree, about getting carried away with the flipping, etc.!
Now where are your wife's magazines??? LOL! I only buy MC to cut it up - it's DD who actually reads it!

angelandspot said...

I like that bottom on a lot. It's good to have fun and you are right about being able to change things around with digital.

My name is CINDY...... said...

I just love the vibrancy of this piece John, loving your digital work.