Sunday, 4 January 2009

still digitally collaging

Can't seem to get away from these. It is so easy to sit down at the keyboard and start creating art. No messy adhesives or having to cut out images with scissors and then finding that it is the wrong size or colour; or could it be just a little less contrasty to merge with the background? AND no more moaning from my OH (bless her) because of the mess I am having to clear up afterwards.

Digital collages are here to stay ( well for me at any rate). I do have a worry however! I have made so many friends over the past 18 months due to swapping atc's and will have to make sure that I do not forget this important part of this wonderful hobby that I have fallen into. In fact if you are someone who swaps, would you consider accepting a "one-off" digitally created image. In other words a very limited edition print, which has been layered to thick card for longevity, and should it be on glossy or matte paper? I would love to hear your opinions.

Here are my latest creations:-


The first I call, "My Valentine". I actually painted this background myself (digitally , of course) and altered it by using a mixture of effects available in the software. The couple and the cross are from collage sheets by Kim Newberg and the butterflies downloaded from Dover Publications free samples. It was made with a challenge swap in mind on Kims group, however I decided to make a cut and paste atc in the end; chickened out, I suppose you could say.


This second collage I call "Memories". the background is an old oil painting sketch from wayback and I have also incorporated a graphite portrait of my own. The couple are again from Kim Newberg. There are a few other images ( source unknown) which were downloaded from the web as free to use.

As I said I am enjoying ceating these digital collages but I would be really pleased to hear your views of swapping prints as ATC's.


angelandspot said...

Those are lovely. I really like the top one. I need to find some more sources of copyright free images and practice more with my program. I made a few more real simple ones this morning and put them on redbubble. I am having so much fun learning and doing this. You are right about no glue and paper mess.

My name is CINDY...... said...

John I just cannot afford the time to get involved with this side of things but would really love to. I have no problems with a 'digitally mastered' ATC as long as you didn't require one in return. I can think of two at least in my collection already. I think it is just another form of creativity. And when I look at the mess on my floor (now I have my own craft space I don't even attempt to get the snippings in the bin, I just clear it up once a week) count the number of times I leave the glue brush to go hard or nearly throw my pot of water overthe keyboard I can see the attraction!!!

Wanna trade?

Sherry said...

These are both stunning John - particularly the top one - the clarity of the images is superb. I wouldn't mind swapping - although I've never done anything digitally and have no plans to do so at the moment (my existing list is too long as it is!) I haven't anything to swap at the moment, but maybe in the future if you do some more.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Cindy / Sherry (and Cassie)
I was not angling for a swap here but rather wanted to get a feeling for wether digital images were considered "fair play" in the swapping fraternity.

Certainly they are not a quick option and although I call them easy, a certain amount of skill is obviously required. Plus of course the artistic skills required to create a worthwhile composition. Taking into account the images themselves, colour, contrast, etc.

I wonder; would a photograph be OK, would an altered photograph be OK, where is the line to be drawn, since many collages rely on printed or magazine images? An interesting point I feel.

nancy said...

John, This one I hadn't seen! I just love the depth and atmosphere of it.

nancy said...

John, I just read your comment below. I think digital collage is just as relevant as any other. The process, as you say, is not some kind of "quick fix" and requires the same skills as cut and paste, if you ask me. I know that a lot of the collage work I find that I'm really liking was produced digitally and I feel that it's as legitimate an art form as any other.
I did notice you used your own hand drawn images in the collage, too. I think that's a plus, but not always necessary.
I'm loving these!