Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Getting silly with digital collages

Can't keep me away from my new toy - my photo manipulation software. In my case as I have mentioned this is the free version of Photoplus from Serif. Restricted as it is, it has all the functionality that I can manage just now. If you have never tried digital collaging, you don't know what you are missing.

This new collage is me getting a little silly. I called it "dependable or fun"


I have really hurried this one and having found out how to use the magnetic lassoo selection tool the edges of the images are a little broken. Particularly noticeable under the ear on the young man's face. But as I am enjoying myself and learning how to use the software, I am not here looking for perfection - that may come later - much later!
I created the background myself from a few images, mainly a matrix of clock faces and swirls. The main images are the victorian lady (courtesy eggstudio on Flickr) and the young man courtesy of Elizabeth Golden. The bell boy is from a Gitanes advert ( Dover Publishing), there are several other smaller images used and I hope the artists concerned will forgive me not mentioning them this time.
Again, I am using selection / cutting / resizing and pasting into layers which are then given various levels of transparency. Don't think I used any recolouring here but that's about the limit of my abilities at the moment. The next collage, does use images where I have used the colour balance slider controls.


I have used a ready made background here (thanks to cassandra204 on Flickr) and the image was set by Margaret as a subject for this weeks MAMMA challenge on Flickr. I have used three different colour versions of the same image and I have also flipped the blue image to make the trio more interesting compositionally. I have just realised that I haven't yet given this piece a name. As I said I am still playing and the name is not too important for me with these although It is usually a very important feature of my art works. The title Spring Flowers comes to mind, and will do as a working title until and unless I come up with something different.


Cassu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought that I have to come see yours. Your digital collages looks great! I love the backgrounds etc. I'm putting your blog addres to my favorities. -Carita-

Sherry said...

I love your digital ATCs John - both superb - colours and compositions. As I mentioned on Flickr I wouldn't have a clue where to start and unfortunately haven't the patience to learn! So I'm content to admire the work of others like your good self.

angelandspot said...

I LOVE that bottom one. The colors are perfect and really go together. The background and the image look just like they where made for each other.

Paula said...

As I mentioned on your MAMMA musings, I love these ACEOs (even if they are digitally mastered).

Patti said...

I am so impressed by your digital art!
I have always wanted to learn to do this soooo, I have followed your advice and have just now downloaded the PhotoPlus 8 software. Wish me luck. I so hope it is easier than Adobe Photoshop!! That program is way to hard for me to learn and I have been trying off and on for a year now!

I love your art and I love your ATC's and digital art is art so use it to make your ATC's. I think they are wonderful!!!

A Fellow Mamma's Challenge Member

Thanks for the lead on this