Sunday, 3 May 2009

relaxing with zentangles

I don't know wether it is because I am an artist, but I find that doodling is so soothing. It can help you relax and can be done when under pressure, or simply just to pass the time. I do not do many Zentangles but I was at a loose end this week and had also agreed to swap a zentangle with an artist friend. SO...... here is the outcome. Couldn't decide which one I wanted to send so decided to send both. After all it's only art, and the recipient was pleased.

The first I called, " Spiral Galaxy"

The second was called, " The Web"

Have to say I do enjoy these but they do take considerable time to finish, and often need more than one sitting. What I want to know is are the fantastic zentangles one sees on the web done free-hand. I can't seem to get the precision that I see in others work, anybody like to comment?

Just a quick posting today, will make up for it next time I promise - cheers

edit: BTW I have gone commercial, just reading up on Adsense and don't know what I have done but I seem to have got some Google adds on my postings. I have had a couple of adverts in the sidebar, etc for a while and was just tinkering with them - but I will let it stand and report on the income that this generates - so watch this space. I don't expect this will make me a millionaire overnight but fingers crossed, might be a few pennies in it. And talking of pennies I am hoping to start selling watercolours on Ebay / Etsy soon, will keep you informed about this also.

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Genie said...

Love the doodles John
Thanks for comment on Watercolour.
yes i like it when the wet watercolour washes get the effect i am after.
good luck with the etsy shop.