Saturday, 9 May 2009

two more watercolour aceo's

Well, came back from my art group with another couple of watercolour paintings this week. I have been posting one or two sketches using this medium of late and felt I needed to do something a little more specific. But as I am a little on the impatient side and wanted to complete a painting, it had to be aceo size (2.5X3.5 inches). In the event, I actually completed two. Still more sketchy than anything, they are both landscapes showing a sunset over distant hills with trees in the foreground to add a little detail. I was quite pleased with the foreground here, nice and loose.

Haven't yet titled them which is unusual for me but I have done a few sunsets recently and have run out of ideas. In fact as an afterthought they could well end up as, " sunset over distant hills 1 and 2". Well it is at least they are working titles.



One other thing I have been upto recently was to make another art doll (or button fairy)for a swap by Mamma on Flickr. My own take on this of course had to be different again ( see African art doll) and I ended up making an North American Indian art doll.I was actually too late for the swap as I was working towards the end of the week when it was the end of the month ( a friday)so I am stuck with it. Will have to hang it up with one or two others in my studio ( well loft space to my friends)LOL.


Well that brings me up to date on my art work, will have to go and start creating some more art - see you.


Linda said...

I love your watercolors. So much detail for such a small size. Great job.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Linda, I think I have said it before but it is all down to the size of the brushes.As a "loose" painter I would use anything up to size 20 or a 2 inch hake. For aceo size paintings my largest brush is about a 6 down to a 000 (just a few hairs really, LOL)

Paula said...

great pieces you have done. Thanks for sharing.