Saturday, 16 February 2008

music, another toy for my blog

Couldn't resist this............................

My main interest has always been music. Art I have to confess is a not inconsiderable second. When I saw this widget on a blog today, I had to have one (thanks Joey). I have found a couple of tracks (from the hundreds that they have done) by the Shadows and Hank Marvin rom the lists on the site. I will hopefully be adding more.

Although I have many other likes in music, the Shadows have always stood out for me being a formative influence in my youth. Here I am in the company of many of the biggest rock guitarists of my generation. Hank has always been a musicians musician and the Shads were a stable background to conquer the world. (USA excepted unfortunately).

I hope you like the tracks, some of them are unfortunately a little dated but if you grew up in the early 60's they are so reminiscent of the era.

BY THE WAY: it should be obvious but it took me a little while to figure it. With many of these players when you navigate away from a page the music stops with this player it seems not to ----- you have to manually stop the player using the control button II. Sorry about that.


joey said...

a lovely addition john! i love my music as well, i dont think i have finished with my playlist just yet! music is another passion of mine i cant make it but can listen and sing my heart out! thanks for all your comments and the sketches are on the way i need to charge up the proper camera to take pics of them rather than the phone one. joey.x

My name is CINDY...... said...

Was just starting to enjoy your playlist when my son came in and put red hot chili peppers on - rather drowned you out so I will try again another night!! You are all so clever with this pc stuff, how do you find the time? Cindy x

Artyfax said...

clever, moi?

I do it by ignoring my wife's pleas for more work around the house LOL