Monday, 18 February 2008

zetti postcards and a button fairy

Apart from enjoying the weather (see my last post) I have been a little busy making art this weekend. Catching up with a couple of swaps on the New Inspirations art group. I am definitely getting out of my comfort zone with these but it is kind of enjoyable too. The first photo shows an art doll, a button fairy. I have done one or two of these for practice (always try anything once for the experience) but I do dislike the name. I prefer to call it my button angel, don't know why but it seems a little more acceptable. This was to be swapped with Maureen , from whom I received a beautiful example. (She has by the way just started blogging). I have now found a little shop in a craft centre selling inexpensive, fancy buttons so what do I do? There must be other uses for them!

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The next two photos are for a zetti (zettiology) swap which I have entered ( again for the experience ) although I am having great difficulty in making this sort of art. I can't say why but it does seem quite foreign to my way of thinking.

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There is a little hand written text (prose, for those who wish to know the technical details) which goes something like:- At midnight, the invisible man turned to his wife saying, "Should we take our masks off". I have always made ATC's with a little humour but this still seems alien to me somehow. It was done with lots of stamping and colouring with brush pens on a background of watercolour with mica contained in it to give a wonderful sparkly appearance. Great for this type of art work but couldn't use it for landscapes LOL. The main images are scanned and resized, magazine images altered with those brush pens.

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And for the second, much the same approach here, but the wolf/dog is actually the magazine cut-out and the flimsy nature of the image can be seen where it has crinkled up a little. I worried tremendously over this for some time but finally decided to live with it as a consquence of the materials used. The text here read:- zetti man, " Alright, I guess you don't think that this helmet goes with this dress, but enough is enough". Zetti dog, "HHHOOOWWWLLL".
I seem to just throw everything at these zetti things because as I said I really don't understand the idea. I can't see what makes a zetti image. What differentiates it from a humerous image under any other name? Don't know why but it does trouble me and I think it shows in the images.
Well off to do my bit around the house before my wife leaves me...


My name is CINDY...... said...

You are not the only one who is struggling John but perhaps the reason zetti hasn't got much in the way of a definition is because it is just what 'your' weird universe would look like - in which case trying to make it look like someone else's weird place is kind of self defeating. Maybe I didn't put that very well, but the plus side is I don't think it is possible to do it wrong!! Being comfortable with it is another thing. Cindyx

Artyfax said...

Thanks for that Cindy, very well put in fact. You could be right,and perhaps I am worrying about nothing, certainly I see very little in the way of a common thread in the zetti images I have seen. I will do what I do and try to stop being bothered by the lables. -John

moonmystic said...

The button fairy is my fav. . . but they are all really, really cool!

JAN said...

fabulous artwonderful creations

Artyfax said...

Thanks Jan, but don't make it look as if I am paying you :-)LOL