Sunday, 3 February 2008

ATC's in a style akin to Zettiology,

Well I mentioned it several times - Zettiology, If you don't know what it is check out Teesha Moore's website and see if you can understand it. There's loads of examples on the Zettiology Group Pool on Flickr. However I get the impression that anything goes as long as it has a fuuny head.

No, to be serious, here is a number of definitions (each to his/her own) compiled by my good friend Margaret Field:-

"Zettiology is a state of mind....a state in which you create art. You won't find it in the dictionary, you won't find it in a thesaurus. Zettiology just is."
"Zettiology is something different to everyone. To me, Zettiology is the practice of making art just for the sake of making art....but unlike impressionism, cubism, realism, zettiology is truly free."
"Zetti is the option to look at art as a playground, a space where I can explore colour and combine odd imagery."
"Zetti is another land that exists only in your mind."
"The world of mystery of odd people, places and things."

"Zettiology is a term coined by Teesha Moore, describing a style of fanciful, whimsical or odd characters, paired with vibrant colors, flowing lines, intriguing text and black/white bold patterns."

Here are a couple I made earlier:-

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They were all inspired by some cut-offs from fun with wet-into-wet watercolour backgrounds. Not wishing to waste them (as if I would) I have used the backgrounds to develop the Zetti ATC's


Martha Marshall said...

I love these!! Thanks for introducing yourself. This blog is going to be great fun.

Artyfax said...

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Fun is definitely what I am into at the moment with my artworks.

Not sure the members of my art group really inderstand what I am doing, they just smile and nod their heads when I show them the collages. But hey, its all grist to the mill.

Linda said...

Great ATCs. I love the dancer.