Thursday, 21 February 2008

New collaged ATC's

Been a busy bee again, getting involved with an ATC chain swap and completed three new ATC's today. I can't help but feel that I have a very different approach to many of my ATC-swapping friends and although I love the cards that I get in return I find that unless I deliberately set out to copy a style that I like (the appproach, use of images and techniques) I always drift back to where I started from. I guess that everybody does to some extent but I worry about what seems to be a lack of progress.

for example: jazzy backgrounds... and why not? However my main technique, collage, seems to cover up most of the background so I end up positioning the images to show what is left (of the background) as well as with respect to other images.

Rubber stamping: may be because I have not got a large collection of stamps but I only seem to use them to fill empty spaces, sort of throw away images if you like.

And the themes I use are nearly always humerous; I have built up a collection of quotes which I feel would make for good subject matter but haven't used them , yet!

Anyway, peolple seem to like them so maybe I shouldn't worry. here are the new cards:-

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The first was going to be about waiting for a phone call, but as I searched for images to build up the picture, I went with the circles which were mostly clocks. Hence the title, "Clock Watching", I guess when you're waiting for a call, the time passes slowly (aka a watched pot never boils)' . Believe it or not the main figure was cosen because of the red hat..... it seemed to fit with the background colours.

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This was one done with a backing paper I painted with acrylics, at the same time as the images I posted here. Again I chose the images because the shapes fitted together and made a pleasing composition. here is where I filled in the background with stamping. I found I had to leave this one for a good few days before I decided that it was complete and simply added the text to finish it. the busy background seemed to complete the overall picture.

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This last one was a strange one. I used the same background technique, painted acylic plus stamping and decided that the figure suited the background in terms of colour and shape. the advert was a late addition to complete the composition. However it still needed something and a search thro my box of bits came up with the ribbon which I fixed with brads of the same colour.
So there you have it my three latest art cards, do I have an inferiority complex with regard to my ATC work? Answers on a postcard please!


Mary said...

Hi...I found your site on another blog. I like your work...I am trying my hand at collage and zentangles among other things. I am entirely self taught too.

Artyfax said...

Hi Mary thanks for visiting and finding time to comment, I always like to hear from readers. I hope you find time to try collage, it is something that I find quite exhilerating and conversely zentangles can be sooo relaxing - just letting yourself go. Hope to see you hear again - John

Angie said...

I love your ATC's John, very cleverly thought about and put together.

Artyfax said...

Thanks Angie

My name is CINDY...... said...

Great ATCs - love your sense of humour!! Cindy


Great work John, and i especially love the top one, cos it now belongs to me. lol

Nicks said...

you certainly shouldn't worry John, your ATC's are fab

moonmystic said...

You commented on my poem on my blog and I wanted to come check out yours. You are very talented. I like the clock one. I hate waiting.